The Test and Diagnostics Consortium (TDC) unites diverse industries like medical, automotive, satellite, railroad, trucking, and defense to better develop new products and to improve support of existing products. Industries and companies that are significant users of test and diagnostics equipment have banded together to form the TDC, which brings together both suppliers and users in a mutually beneficial forum. TDC members work together to optimize the test & diagnostic environment through communication of business, technology, and member-oriented issues.   Click here to read about the many benefits of joining the TDC.



  The DoD's Automatic Test System (ATS) Framework Working Group is working on a key ATS Framework element, called Resource Adapter Interface (RAI), which requires standardization. The purpose of the RAI is to allow test programmers to produce test programs that are platform, resource and hardware independent, and to provide for greater instrument interchangeability in ATE.  This means that test programs that run against an RAI supported test platform would be transportable to any alternate RAI supported test platform that has comparable ability.  RAI has been partially addressed by several industry consortiums in their attempts to instantiate workable solutions to the RAI goals, e.g. the Interchangeable Virtual Instruments (IVI) consortium and, before that, the SCC20 Resource Management System (RMS) IEEE - 1226.3 group. 

The DoD is soliciting industry members to define and publish a 100% solution for an industry accepted Resource Adapter Interface standard.  Once completed and accepted by the DoDís ATS Framework Working Group, the RAI standard will be added to the DoDís Information Technology Standards Repository (DISR), which will require its incorporation in all future DoD ATS acquisitions.  Click here for more info about the RAI Working Group.  Please respond by e-mail if you are interested in participating in this working group.  If you have any questions, you may call 732-323-7963.

Note that the Test and Diagnostics Consortium (TDC) will provide administrative support for this effort.  

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